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Legal Video

Steven Dixon Media is committed to providing top quality video services to clients in Alabama, Georgia and remotely. From video depositions, editing and video conferencing to trial presentation and more, Steven Dixon Media is able to provide the services you need to succeed. We pride ourselves on being reliable, professional, and efficient in the way we conduct business. We work closely with court reporters to ensure that the record is captured accurately. We look forward to working with you.


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Transcript to Video Synchronization 

- Whether in person or remotely, the witness’ testimony can be recorded and synchronized to the transcript.


- The most effective way to present a video at trial is to have it synchronized with the written transcript.


- A synchronized video can be played along with the transcript so that every word can be clearly understood.


- Clips of the video can be easily created for quick playback of particular sections of the transcript.


Remote/Virtual Depositions

- Utilize Zoom and our capture software, depositions can be taken remotely without ever leaving your home or office.

- All you need is a computer or smart device like a tablet with a webcam to connect.

- We can facilitate the connection and provide a link for everyone to use.

- We can provide consultation and we are always online at least 30 minutes beforehand to make sure everything runs smoothly during the proceedings,


Sharing Exhibits

- Easily upload exhibits remotely

- Supporting document requests in       real-time.

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