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Steven Dixon is a professional communication strategist, self-starter focusing on content creation and building continuity across brands . Over the course of his career, he has been responsible for developing and implementing internal and external communication strategies and comprehensive supporting plans to achieve client specific marketing and communication goals. Whether working on a contract basis or being employed by an organization, Steven strives to makes a difference through exceptional work, artistic exploration and social good. 

Located in Auburn, AL, Steven's career goals are to continue to provide exceptional communication plans to help ensure uniform branding across all marketing channels for any organization he works with including, video production, photography, copywriting, website and social media management, marketing and planning.



Video Samples

eXmark- DreamYards

GE Healthcare

The Lifestyle Group

Pedestrian Facility Script

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Shuttle Campaign

Congregational Care

Rev. Tim Ward



Southern Union State Community College


Auburn University


Early life


Auburn Mill Works


J&M Bookstore

April 2005- June 2007


Bank Teller/Customer Service Rep.

August 2004-December 2008

Auburn Wesley Foundation

Media Leader & Resident Manager

August 2008-December 2008

Alabama West-Florida Conference.


January 2009 - May 2012

Steven Dixon Media 


June 2012 - October 2014

Floris UMC

Director of Video Production & AV

October 2014 - Present

Steven Dixon Media 


Associate of Science.

B.A. Communications, Minor in Political Science

Born entrepreneurial spirit. As I kid, I often cut my neighbors grass, sold lemonade, collected and sold pine straw, and assisted neighbors with computer issues. Volunteered at AUMC through out the year with youth programming opportunities. 

Assisted with deliveries and installations of windows and doors. 

Operated the cash register.

Assisted customers with book and souvenirs purchases.

Greeted potential customers, assisted with financial transactions, following prescribed customer service procedures and banking regulations.
Provided support to customers with account issues; identified customers' needs and cross sold bank services.

Introduced Media Shout to the director and provided all visual aspects for each worship service as well as assist in audio.
Created various video backgrounds utilizing Adobe After Effects.
Drive media-related components for each worship service to include the creation of various videos and advertisements to promote activities such as retreats, mission events and community programs.
Participate on weekly leadership team to discuss Sunday evening service progress to include service content, attendance and as well as planning for the next service.
Create service bulletins and inserts for Sunday evening service leveraging Microsoft Publisher.
Manage AWF facility as Resident Manager, summer 2008. Responsible for all facility-related matters including schedules, landscaping and building management.

Established a community support network for campus ministries within the Conference.
Shadowed the Director of Communications to learn the Conference's multifaceted communication network used to support the conference's membership of approximately 149,000. 

Assist the Director of Alumni and Development of the Auburn Wesley Foundation in production of fall and winter publications, event planning and help with other alumni and community development needs.
Support the outreach and publicity efforts of the student leadership at the Auburn Wesley Foundation.

Content creator for a variety of clients including Auburn University, non-profits, and weddings.

Leveraged Adobe Creative Suite for developing content and production.
Provide live-streaming services for various events via the internet.
Utilizes social media programs such as facebook, twitter, google analytics, youtube and etc.
Create websites, newsletters, emails and etc. for businesses.
Committee member for the annual Dancing Stars of East Alabama Foundation benefiting The Child Advocacy Center in Lee County, Alabama which grossed over $100,000.
Accreditation through The American Guild of Court Videographers since 2009.

Worked with the communications department to produce videos and graphic content.
Manage the utilization of AV technologies for congregational ministries in worship
services, weekly meetings and special events.
Develop and execute a live-stream strategy.
Produce professional presentations for services.
Recruit, train, and schedule AV volunteers.
Manage, maintain and upgrade AV equipment.
Administer the annual AV ministry budget and goals.

Create and develop multimedia content for clients that range from internal projects such as training & announcements to external promotional and marketing videos.
Script, storyboard, budget and collaborate closely with clients to help facilitate the project. 
Capture and import raw media, editing footage & sound files, creating & inserting static & motion graphics, titling, adding music, voice-over, and rendering the project to a final format.

The Exceptional Foundation

Tiger Giving Day

AO Key Team

Cornerstone UMC Documentary

Niffer's Place

Pedestrian Facilities

Pedestrian Facility Shotlist


AO Key Team Proposal


Animated Graphic

Norfolk UMC

Floris Guest House

Mark Ogren- 5 Talent Event


Rev. Tom Berlin

Financial Campaign Testimonial

Rev. Tom Berlin

Live-Streaming Testimonial

Writing Samples


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